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Metal Toxicity Test


After more than 12 months of development we are pleased to announce that we now offer a comprehensive metal toxicity test at a reasonable price.


We are all aware of how everything we eat and drink contains a certain amount of metal contamination. We have also been made aware that items such as mercury fillings may be causing contamination in our bodies. It is not a question of whether we have these metals in our bodies, but the issue is whether we have a large amount that may be having an effect on our daily life, our health and well-being.




We have received almost daily requests for some kind of metals test and our research team have been trying to develop a test that is both affordable and effective.


The process is similar to that of the intolerance test in that all the information is taken from your hair sample and is simple and non-invasive.


Even though this is a more manual process we have managed to keep the price of the test down at only £102, for this we will test your hair sample against all 24 metals separately.


To find out more about how you may have been exposed to these metals visit the metals information page where you can discover where they are most commonly found and the most common symptoms of toxicity from these metals.

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